Pokemon Go Troubles



From Discord, Pokemon Developers forum:

There have been reports of people abusing the Niantic Abuse reports. People have been sending false ‘cheating’ claims on players that have been playing legitimately and it seems that only a handful of claims is required.

While this will probably not affect most users on this Discord server and their maps and any other 3rd party tools, I would strongly urge you to not publicize your actual player names, as it could cause players to falsely report you, just because you’re using a map or for being a developer that’s making tools for Pokemon Go. Niantic is allegedly not even confirming those reports.

I will also urge those of you playing the game to refrain from taking over Gyms since that will reveal your trainers name.

Sadly, it is also known that Niantic is not replying to any Ban appeal request and is just ignoring them. So please be extra careful with your actual trainer accounts. If you want to try to apeal a ban, try to apeal it this dies down and through a standard ticket as the ban appeal tickets get automatically closed.

While it is hard to predict how long this might continue, I personally feel this won’t last too long, but I doubt Niantic will reverse any bans resulted from the abuse.

Play safe.

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