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Puppies are great

I have several wonderful friends and they are all covered in fur. One of them knew I was in a bad mood yesterday and jumped in the tub while I was taking a shower because she thought that meant she gets to go to work with me.  

Being a developer is fun

It’s fun to be a developer. Recently, I was able to compete in a yahoo hackathon and my team was able to score second. It wasn’t half bad that the theme was all star wars and we went home with cool light sabers. I learned a whole lot, but what […]

Working as an enterprise architect

It’s hard to explain to developers sometimes that they have to think about who is going to work on something after they do the work. It’s like they expect everyone to always have the same skill set. I personally love Perl and Regex, but how many .Net developers out there […]


I like playing with the iPad. It can double for my computer for most things, and some things, it just simply does it better. The Retina display makes everything so super sharp.