Dinner Tonight

Tonight’s dinner was from Teriyaki Boy, a little Japanese restaurant on Columbus that delievers.

Had an interesting meal with Jolly Bedwetter, my clown friend.   I came up with that name as a variation of some other name attached to this same clown to incessantly tease.  Obviously, it is not a well-liked name.

The puppies had a good time eating the extra rice.  We ordered Tokyo Fried Chicken, Chicken Terriyucky, and Salmon Terriyucky.  Basically, it was all the same thing just prepared a little different.  Even the fish looked like chicken.

Well, its off to the bars to get drunk.


Chinese Workers

As the purpose of this Blog is to entertain with stories that go in my life such that I only have to write about them once and not repeat myself anymore. This is necessary because as I get older, I have found that my father’s propensity to repeat the stories about events in his life has somehow been passed on to me. Also, with that repetition comes the inevitable associated memory loss that prevents me from remembering the repetition.

Ok, now to the crux of this note. When I had the opportunity to meet with the father (the owner of the factory) of my close friend that works in China, I heard many stories. Most of these stories had to do with the difference in cultures between the Taiwanese and mainland Chinese. The funniest one was about one of his friends.

His friend was around his age, a gentleman from Taiwan, who had moved his factory from Taiwan to rural mainland china. His daughter had come to visit about 6 months prior, and had complained about the state of the bathroom. You should note that throughout most of rural china, their idea of a toilet constitutes a hole in the floor. Well, his friend orders a modern toilet from Taiwan and gives it to his plant foreman to install. The foreman spends about a week working on it, and proudly announces to the owner that he is finished. Can you imagine the look on the owner’s face when he walked into the bathroom and saw bowl of toilet neatly buried even with the floor?

I will tell you more about China as this blog continues.

Until later,

Puppy Pills

Its a fact, at least in my world, that small dogs come armed with a secret stash of sleeping pills cleverly hidden somewhere in their fur. How they sneak them into food and drink, this is a mystery for another day. But what is true, is that they enjoy sleeping on top of humans. In order to do this, they must lull us to sleep. First, the pills. Then, they start with the half-closed eyes. They just look at you and look at you until you have no more will and fall asleep. (During this time, they of course, sneak off and do bad things and lay traps for you to discover when you wake up.)

It was bad enough when I had one of them, but now with all three, its a wonder I get anything done on the weekends. For the past 2 months, my weekends have been nothing but blurs, as I pass through them in a drug haze. Well, at least, whatever they use, blood tests don’t catch it. The one redeeming thing about their scheming? On Monday morning, I wake up bright and early and am able to get to work with a bounce in my step and capable of getting something done.

🙂 smile….