3am Nose Biting sessions

Someone will have to explain to me one day why puppy (Zorra) thinks its a good thing to wake me up by biting the end of my nose. Anyone who tells me that dogs can think would have to wonder if she has a death wish. I come so close to sending her into orbit each time she does it.

Ok, back to sleep. Her mom has finished feeding her and she is already out.

– David Tyler

Location:Henry St,Stamford,United States

Crazy dogs and Peaches

The DOGS are CRAZY!!  I bought some white peaches, not even ripe yet, from Fresh Direct today.  I got one out and peeled it (I don’t like the skin much), and had three dogs begging.  I thought they were just being silly, so I gave them each a piece.  They woofed the pieces down and came back for more. Anyway, for the record, Long Hair Chihuahuas eat peaches.  They don’t like bananas, though.  I gave Mimi a piece of banana and found it later with my toes under the sheets at the end of my bed.  You can imagine what I thought it was.  I won’t be giving her bananas again anytime soon.

– David Tyler

Location:Henry St,Stamford,United States

Door Guardians

I want to steadily click this!

These are the strangest people I met when I first came to New York. It really doesn’t matter how many seats are on the train in question. There could be none, it could be empty, it doesn’t matter. They just stand there, on each side of the door way. Not only do they make everyone have to go single file on and off the train, but they seem to be as a group, anti-social. They don’t like to make eye-contact, just stand there staring straight ahead, not even at each other. (They seem to come in pairs.). The door guardians totally impede the flow of people on and off the train, especially at rush hour. You have to combine this with the self-entitled old retired ladies that line up directly in front of the door and will not move until they can get on the train and rush to the nearest seat. It’s an impasse, evil old lady versus the door guardians.

There are other strange people on the train at rush hour too. Backpackers and people with double wide multiple baby strollers do not make a whole lot of sense either. The backpackers come in pairs, usually male and female (might be part of their mating ritual), and perform pirouettes in the center of the train generally knocking down others without backpacks. The baby stroller types incessantly apologize for blocking doors or rolling over people’s feet. They make you think they just get on the train for the express purpose of being a nuisance. They can’t get up and down the stairs without help and never seem to use the elevators. Often times, the “babies” are fully ambulatory and don’t need the rolling monstrosities of aluminum tubes, plastic wheels, and brightly colored fabric. They can never collapse, regardless of how they were made, as they are always full of random stuff that the caretaker believes that they need to fill it up with, babies not included.

– David Tyler

Location:New York

First Entry at New Location

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about.  My work these days is somewhat confidential, so I guess I will write about the “fun” things going on in my life.  Actually, the “fun” things are my interaction with the incredibly smart “stupid people” up here in the North East.  I had heard rumors of the indigenous population and their amazing feats involving the lack of common sense, but living amongst them has taught me so much.  I could go on and on with the stories, but I think it will be more fun to just write the little stories as they happen.

“of course”, or, “a night at the Townhouse”

Tonight was interesting.

I met one of my friends I haven’t seen in a while.  He is, of course, going through a breakup.  I say, of course, because he was the third friend that I have counseled about breakups in the last 2 days.  I think the holidays are tough on relationships.  It seems like everyone I know just seems to stress out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Why do we want to celebrate holidays that are supposed to be family based, when all the do is break up families?

I think the reason that there are so many breakups during this time is that people reevaluate their lives and remember what is important to them.  Is sex, or a pretty face, or getting things, the only thing we are together?  Or, is it based on mutual respect, admiration, love, or did we base it on the more base things that we get out of being together?

Well, regardless, one is terminal, one is questionable, and one will continue.  Life goes on…

Ring the @$$%#$ bells, Christmas is here…