Writing stuff

I’ve never really tried writing seriously in the past few years. Almost any writing I have done has been silly rants or personal messages to others. My brother is the writer, and he’s an impossible standard to reach. I am pretty good at entertaining people one on one, but it never quite comes across the same in words. Anyway, I’m going to try a little with my blog, mostly to test automatic distribution systems (I am a developer).

I’m using a tool, Ulysses, a markup editor that runs on an iPad. I am combining this with Buffer to push to a Facebook Page (like for a business), Instagram and Twitter. I am using standard WordPress sharing, from JetPack, to push to my Personal Facebook status and Tumblr. I’m also running plugins that do all sorts of fun stuff. I have several friends that want to use WordPress to help market their businesses and I hope this is a good way to learn. (BTW, I still despise PHP.)

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