Being a developer is fun

It’s fun to be a developer. Recently, I was able to compete in a yahoo hackathon and my team was able to score second. It wasn’t half bad that the theme was all star wars and we went home with cool light sabers.

I learned a whole lot, but what I learned the most was that we work best as a team. Not just developers, but also artists and IT professionals as well. Having PMs and other well-meaning professionals filter our communication also adds considerable inefficiency and a lot of strife.

Anyway, it was fun!

May the Fourth be with you!

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Working as an enterprise architect

It’s hard to explain to developers sometimes that they have to think about who is going to work on something after they do the work. It’s like they expect everyone to always have the same skill set. I personally love Perl and Regex, but how many .Net developers out there say the same thing? For that matter, how many .Net developers can set up a server? Just because you are good at one thing with computers doesn’t make you good at everything. There is no replacement for following best practices and providing decent documentation.