Commute to Manhattan

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I have worked from home these past two days so I haven’t has the opportunity to interact with any of the interesting people between here and Manhattan. However, I figure I can talk about the commute. In general, it’s not too bad. 44 minutes from Stamford to Grand Central (GCT) according to the schedule. Generally speaking, it’s about that long. But finding seating, that’s almost impossible. What I find insane, though, is the number of people that HATE for anyone to sit next to them. They come up with all sorts of strange ways to try to reserve a second seat. The worst is the guy that I saw get on the train, and then pour water on the seat next to him so no one would sit in the “wet spot”. He did it so casually, like it was a total accident, but I had seen him sitting next to a wet seat before.

And they are totally CRAZY about noise. They will yell to the person next to them, you can hear the conversation from one end of the train to the other, but GOD FORBID you take a cell call and tell someone, “I am on the train, I will call you back.”. You get shushed and told that you have to go the “Vestibule” to take your phone call. I’ve even gone to the “Vestibule” to take a call, and been told, “You need to keep it down.”. This whilst they were having a conversation so loud, I could hear it in my teeth.

This preoccupation with noise is actually kind of funny to me. All of these people work in one of the noisiest cities in the world, surrounded by people, and whole group of them are complaining about noise. I am like, go live in the country if you want quiet. When people are around, they make noise, and if you are surrounded by people, you will hear noise. Just put in your headphones, listen to your own noise, and quit trying to regulate me. The same people, make an insane amount of noise trying to regulate others. Not only the shushing and complaining and whatnot, but also the visual noise, the nasty looks, the glaring, the gestures. Sometimes, it looks like some horrible choreographed modern dance for terminal insomniacs.


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