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Dancing in the Street

Whirling Dervish There is something strange about the air in Manhattan.  At least, that’s what I tell myself each day when I encounter the odd dancers. For the most part, they are tourists who appear during rush hour (8-10) when people are trying to get in their offices.  They are […]

The trip to the train station

Old Timey Trolley I’ll post a picture when I get home tonight of the actual Trolleys, but for now, I’ll just talk about them.  Our “shuttle” to the train station transformed from the smallish white vans to full blown tour bus things shaped like Trolleys about 3 weeks ago.  I […]

Spoiled Rotten

Not sure how it happened, but I ended up holding the Mimi Mommy on my chest feeding her dog food. It’s got to be her Jedi mind powers, I know it. It started by teaching the puppy how to eat dog food and then, all of a sudden, I am […]

Commute to Manhattan

I just like puppies I have worked from home these past two days so I haven’t has the opportunity to interact with any of the interesting people between here and Manhattan. However, I figure I can talk about the commute. In general, it’s not too bad. 44 minutes from Stamford […]

3am Nose Biting sessions

Someone will have to explain to me one day why puppy (Zorra) thinks its a good thing to wake me up by biting the end of my nose. Anyone who tells me that dogs can think would have to wonder if she has a death wish. I come so close […]

Crazy dogs and Peaches

The DOGS are CRAZY!!  I bought some white peaches, not even ripe yet, from Fresh Direct today.  I got one out and peeled it (I don’t like the skin much), and had three dogs begging.  I thought they were just being silly, so I gave them each a piece.  They […]

Door Guardians

I want to steadily click this! These are the strangest people I met when I first came to New York. It really doesn’t matter how many seats are on the train in question. There could be none, it could be empty, it doesn’t matter. They just stand there, on each […]

First Entry at New Location

I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about.  My work these days is somewhat confidential, so I guess I will write about the “fun” things going on in my life.  Actually, the “fun” things are my interaction with the incredibly smart “stupid people” up here in the North […]