“of course”, or, “a night at the Townhouse”

Tonight was interesting.

I met one of my friends I haven’t seen in a while.  He is, of course, going through a breakup.  I say, of course, because he was the third friend that I have counseled about breakups in the last 2 days.  I think the holidays are tough on relationships.  It seems like everyone I know just seems to stress out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Why do we want to celebrate holidays that are supposed to be family based, when all the do is break up families?

I think the reason that there are so many breakups during this time is that people reevaluate their lives and remember what is important to them.  Is sex, or a pretty face, or getting things, the only thing we are together?  Or, is it based on mutual respect, admiration, love, or did we base it on the more base things that we get out of being together?

Well, regardless, one is terminal, one is questionable, and one will continue.  Life goes on…

Ring the @$$%#$ bells, Christmas is here…

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