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Chinese Workers

As the purpose of this Blog is to entertain with stories that go in my life such that I only have to write about them once and not repeat myself anymore. This is necessary because as I get older, I have found that my father’s propensity to repeat the stories […]

Puppy Pills

Its a fact, at least in my world, that small dogs come armed with a secret stash of sleeping pills cleverly hidden somewhere in their fur. How they sneak them into food and drink, this is a mystery for another day. But what is true, is that they enjoy sleeping […]

Daisy Dog is all dressed up and ready to go. Purchased this little outfit in Tokyo last year. I want to go back and get the puppies clothes now. 

Scary Picture

SCARY PICTURE…. This is the picture of nightmares. OMG!!! Its ME!!!Ok, this is me. When I was in Taiwan, we were drinking some kind of Taiwanese beer, and then they cut up this fruit to eat. They put the peel on top of my head and had me take pictures.